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From the General Secretary


Sri Kanti Ganguly
Secretary of PRPS
During the last century many organisations have been working towards serving the persons with disability, but the efforts of such persons and organizations have been on their individual initiative. It is true that during the last decade there has been a paradigm shift all over the world in handling issues related to disability. In India too policies and legislations have been enacted; however, their reach and success may be debatable. Majority of our population come from the rural sector and removing social stigmas which have been there for hundreds of years cannot be overcome overnight and it cannot be done only by organizations working for the disabled, this Herculean task can only be achieved by the active participation of ‘students, youth, women, farmers and workers and all other persons who have an influence on society’

Today the advancement of science & technology has helped in making persons with disability prove that they can be productive citizens too. It has been proved a number of times that with proper education and necessary assistive devices the disabled population can stand shoulder to shoulder with their non disabled counterparts, there is no reason to consider them ‘helpless or a ‘load on society’.

At PASCHIMBANGA RAJYA PRATIBANDHI SAMMILANI our strength has been developing local bodies at the block and district level. We are proud that we have units in every district of the state and with a membership of more than a lakh we strive to provide a voice for each person with disability in the state irrespective of their caste, creed, race, sex or religion.

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