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Paschimbanga Rajya Pratibandhi Sammilani is tirelessly working for the all round empowerment of persons with disability in West Bengal. We organized the felicitation programme of the students with disability who performed creditably well in last year’s secondary and higher secondary examination for last 20 years. The intellectually challenged persons too were felicitated. The programme was attended by many dignitaries and a large number of persons with disability, their caregivers and our organizers.

3rd December, international day for disabled persons, was celebrated with usual involvement and enthusiasm. About 15000 people from across the state took part in our rally held in Rani Rasmoni Road, Kolkata. We gave scholarship of Rs. 12000 to 20 students with disability pursuing higher education in different universities in our 3rd December programme. To empower persons with disability to be self-employed, we gave Rs. 5000 to some persons with Disability from from economically weaker section of our state. All this were done to promote all-round development of such persons. Like all other years, many dignitaries from different sectors took part in our programme to share our demands and aspirations.

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