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Co-Curricular Activities

In PRPS College of Pharmacy, various Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular activities are regularly conducted along with Academic activities and students are continuously inspired and motivated to participate in these various activities to ensure the overall development of the students.  

Curricular or academic activities encompass the prescribed courses of study.
The curricular activities at PRPS College of Pharmacy include Workshops, Seminars, Webinars, Guest Lectures and Industrial Trips for the students, by the students, for the faculty, by the faculty.  

  • Workshop: An interactive session with hands-on training under guidance of an expert. Students get a platform to share ideas and to know the field of their interest. They learn to develop new skills and also to work in a team.

  • Seminar: A seminar focuses on a specific topic or discipline through presentations and discussion. It helps students in improving communication skills, gaining expert knowledge, networking with others and renewing motivation and confidence.

  • Expert Lectures: Guest Lecture is a way of enriching students with the latest updates of the Industries. Students are bestowed with knowledge about industry needs and latest technical updates etc.
  • Industrial Visits: Students are made to visit various companies and get insight of the internal working environment of the company. It helps the students to understand the process of any organization and also strengthen their overall learning interaction with business executives.

  • Summer Internships: Summer Internship is a structured work experience supervised by a professional in the field related to a student’s major and/or career goal. It enhances a student’s academic, career, and personal development.
  • Personality Development Program (PDP): It is conducted by professional trainers/experts from corporate as also by dedicated in-house faculty to actually bring a change in the traits of students in terms of values, behavior and personal growth. It enhances their body language, self discipline, includes boosting one’s confidence, improving language speaking abilities and widening one’s scope of knowledge. Following PDP programs are undertaken in the Institute.

  • Etiquette Inculcation: Undertaken since 1styear when the student is exposed to the concept of value. Since 1st year, students of B.Pharm. receive personalized and individualized training and gradually through etiquette and value inculcation, become more presentable and confident.

  • Movie Vision: Used to bridge the gap between the theory and practical aspects. It helps in learning team work, enhancing presence of mind & communication skills as also thinking analytically.
  • Aptitude: Prepare students for placements by enhancing students’ understanding in reasoning, numeric aptitudes, language proficiencies and general awareness.

  • Resume Writing: Trains students about the current trend to present their Personal, Educational & Professional achievements and Strengths in an impressive manner. They learn how to write covering letter through which they can efficiently present their extra information. They also get an exposure to the Social Professional Sites like LinkedIn.

  • Group Discussion: Help students to improve their ability to understand a topic/idea from different perspectives. They are able to realize its importance as a standard recruitment and selection tool. Students are trained to demonstrate their leadership, team work, oral and body language skills.

  • Personal Interview: A platform to train students in improving their listening abilities and handling interviewer’s questions and answer accordingly so that they are able to remove hesitation and anxiety during placement process.

  • Social Activities: Under this, various activities are undertaken by student volunteers like Blood Donation Camp, Medicine & Old Cloth Distribution Camp, Tree-Plantation Drives etc. which enhance their team spirit and time management skills and also bring social welfare awareness.

  • Cultural Activities: The various activities undertaken are-Singing, Dancing, Playing Musical Instruments, Compering, Skit, Band, Stand-up Comedy, Poetry, Fashion Show etc. These activities help to develop self-confidence, cultural interest, creativity and sense of cooperation among students.

  • Literary Activities: The various activities undertaken are – Extempore rounds, Speeches, Debates, Paper Writing, Group Discussions etc. They develop creativity and communication skills among students in a competitive, yet conducive environment.

  • Fine Arts and Photography: The various activities undertaken are-Painting, Caricature, Photograph Collection, Mehndi, Rangoli, Nail Art, Arranging Exhibitions etc. It helps students to develop talent of their interest and innovative ideas.

  • Games & Sports: The Institute strongly believes that a healthy physique leads to a healthy mind. The Institute encourages sports culture and students also reciprocate by actively participating and distinguishing themselves at the Zonal and State Level Sports Meets.

  • Techno-Cultural Club: The Institute encourages various Technical Clubs & Societies. These Clubs are involved in preparation of novel projects of pharmaceutical Sciences.  They develop awareness about new technologies and unleash creative skills of students.